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Accelerated Physician Executive Leadership

In this new era of value-based care, physicians who understand the business are more vital to healthcare organizations than ever.  The ramp-up in the acquisition of medical groups is testament to this development. But to truly tap into this group’s potential and to lead the enterprise, not merely the clinical practice, requires focused effort – physicians will need to catch up to other administrators who have enjoyed the benefit of years of development. Because leadership is not yet part of the medical-school curriculum,  physicians need to learn these skills on the job through carefully designed learning and development initiatives.

NuBrick Partners developed its APEX series to accelerate that process.

Making the investment to thoughtfully and effectively assess and develop physician leaders will be seen as a critical measure and potential game-changer to increase physician engagement, buy-in, clarity, and stability during times of continuous change and growth.

APEX equips physicians or potential physician leaders with the requisite tools to recognize and cultivate their own leadership potential, develop teams, and recognize the impact and significance of their roles as leaders of and for the enterprise.

The rigor of this engagement is built on the back of accountability and measurement.  This process does not simply inform; it creates leaders.  Physician leaders leave this experience appreciating the impact, relevance and privilege of leading, as well as the science driving their leadership success.


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