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CEO and Board Services

On average, CEOs spend 46 percent of their time on talent issues. That’s for a good reason – the cost to replace an executive is roughly four times the cost of their salary. And on the upside, investing in people has been shown to have tremendous payoff in the areas of employee engagement, innovation, cultural affinity and customer loyalty.

Beyond the strengths, skills, and experiences that come to life on the job, those less tangible qualities and attributes that fall into the leadership competency bucket are a more accurate barometer of sustainable success. NuBrick Partners collaborates with clients in the business and HR functions to ensure leaders are identified, developed, leveraged, retained and become stewards of the organizational culture.

Talent management includes the following services and many more:

  • Executive/Director assessment and selection.  Assessments work. They predict behavior.  They provide immediate and fact-based snapshots of those critical success factors that make the difference between a stellar resume and an effective leader. Our consultants are certified in a number of the most recognized assessment tools in the field. In addition, our practitioners have developed proprietary models for physician leaders and other executive positions.
  • CEO/Executive Succession planning.  Effective succession planning requires more than filling in the blanks on the organizational chart. It entails a highly intentional and choreographed process – one that NuBrick Partners has developed to support our clients as they navigate those mission-critical transitions.  We design and deliver robust processes to evaluate and develop next-generation leaders to fill critical seats in the organization.
  • Executive and Board installation. Smart organizations onboard new leaders; best-in-class ones install them. NuBrick Partners developed SuccessPath, a proprietary protocol, to provide new leaders with this high-impact professional insurance program. A blend of one-on-one executive coaching and facilitated conversations, we offer customized installation to the organizational culture and specific management team. SuccessPath is the difference between a mediocre honeymoon period and exceptional early wins.
  • Culture development during M&A.  Mergers or acquisitions require excruciating levels of due diligence. But that painstaking scrutiny typically focuses on finance and operations and neglects human capital.  If the business case relies chiefly on leveraging sales, customers, markets and technology without equal consideration of people and culture, success is elusive.  Through predictive assessment tools and expert consultant interviews, NuBrick Partners creates a culture map and leadership dashboard to pinpoint areas of synergy and conflict.  This early warning signal can be the difference between value creation and failure.


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