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Executive Team Performance

When the team suffers from lack of trust or alignment, sporadic transparency or inefficient debate or dialogue, performance suffers. When members are empowered to tackle thorny issues and can do so across diverse personalities, experiences and points of view, the business benefits.

In our work with management teams, NuBrick Partners provides straightforward counsel and proven expertise to optimize collective success. Through our proprietary methods enhanced by our consultants’ insight and action, we partner with your individual team members to:

  • Assess individual style and core beliefs and strengths to build awareness and appreciation for self and others (EQ development)
  • Facilitate high-impact learning experiences through facilitated experiences with the team  supplemented by 1:1 coaching
  • Create authentic and meaningful team charters and metrics, including scorecards to measure progress
  • Surface conflicts in the broader enterprise or culture that may hamper team effectiveness
  • Develop actionable goals and implementation plans

The hallmarks of a top-performing executive team are clarity, trust and strength. While the finished product takes time, these elements do not take as long to begin to develop as one might expect. Teams build these traits by answering specific questions about their purpose, value and contribution. A leadership team that declares its reason for existence and sets specific goals to achieve in a given timeframe is formidable.

To get started on the path to improved team performance, however, begins with personalized development plans for each executive. Relational dynamics are addressed and resolved, and executive coaching is utilized, not as an end to itself, but as an assessment lever to drive change. For an organization to evolve and innovate, leadership formation must be a group effort.

We are unabashed in our commitment to results and promise every client an experience of collaboration, passion and respect.


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