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Executive Development

Once considered a luxury or, even worse, a “soft skill,” executive development is now widely recognized as a game-changing investment to accelerate the effectiveness and impact of an organization’s top performers.

Whether through an intensive coaching relationship managed one-on-one or an enterprise-wide initiative to change culture or build capacity, NuBrick Partners has the proprietary models and high-octane consulting talent to provide transformative support to leaders committed to optimizing their results.

Through our proven blend of assessment, coaching, learning events and opportunities for feedback, our clients report results in the fundamental best practices of leadership effectiveness, including:

  • Increased self-awareness around personal style, leadership strengths and challenges.
  • Providing direct, candid and directive feedback to increase leadership and managerial effectiveness.
  • Evaluating and sharpening levels of emotional intelligence.
  • Identifying and removing interpersonal behaviors that impact leadership effectiveness.
  • Accelerating overall influence, impact and performance of the leader from his or her functional area to a broader enterprise-wide context.

The goal of executive development is not simply to create continuity for an organization. It is to ignite innovation and spur a diversity of ideas for not only the task at hand but the mission of the enterprise.


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